What’s Next?

As a group of Headteachers and Principals from across the UK who place youth social action at the centre of character development for our students, we discussed what we could do together. The result is our #iwill pledge to make youth social action the norm across the UK by 2020.

We will…

  • Continue to support All students in our respective schools and colleges to participate in high-quality social action, where each one can develop the charactor and skills needed for life, whilst leading positive societal change.
  • Share best practice and encorage other education leaders and partners to prioritise youth social action within their work by opening our doors for visits; spreading the word through our networks and encouraging more schools and colleges to make an #iwill pledge

We hope you and this guidance inspiring and look forward to working with you on this exciting movement in the future.


To find out about more inspirational social action happening in schools and colleges, check out the full publication:

Transforming Young People and Communities

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Youth Social Action?

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