Yeading Junior School

Headteacher:Carole Jones


TypePrimary School

Students496 aged 7-11

Top character qualities developed

  • Teamwork
  • Tolerance and respect
  • Conscientiousness, curiosity and focus
  • Pride
  • Motivation, drive and ambition

Statement on Youth Social Action and Character


In our school social action is not an ‘add on’ and our pupils know that. Children, staff, parents and governors are all involved and this whole school approach means that we inspire each other and harness the strength of like-minded people coming together. 

There isn’t a curriculum area that social action hasn’t covered with us. Our own school ‘currency’ started in Maths – we have a bank run by children directors who monitor what the children are earning and what to do with it, including dealing with loan sharks. We’ve received national recognition for our work on finance and these accolades give us the confidence to embed projects such as these across the curriculum. We have in-school peer mentors, a pupil forum and a community choir. Holding onto the 21st Olympic legacy we run the ‘Be The Best You Can Be’ project and each child builds on a ‘dream folder’ that develops ideas about who they want to be. We’ve teamed with organisations such as Free The Children and Team London, whose representatives visit us and inspire our children with fundraising events such as ‘We Are Silent’ and our own mini WE Day. Our pupils pitched for the ‘City Pitch’ project with the Mayor’s Fund For London and won the opportunity to create a recipe book celebrating the diverse cuisines in our community.

But mental and spiritual wellbeing is also key. We have introduced the “Me Zone” to practice the art of relaxation and meditation and show them how to use yoga as a form of moral and emotional grounding from which feelings and emotions can be reflected. The outcome of each session is recorded in a personal journal and prompted by questions such as: “How did today’s session make you feel?” and “How would you describe your feelings?” This helps our children become more goal-orientated, better at problem solving, with a greater sense of compassion and civic duty, but also encourages them to become emotionally literate and self respecting human beings.

We’ve seen huge impact on the parents; one father was so impressed by his daughter that he’s been inspired to take ideas into his own workplace as a force for culture change.” – Carole Jones

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“Children’s attitudes and values are shaped when they are young and so we cannot afford to wait until we consider them mature enough to engage in social action, we must awaken a sense of social responsibility and give them opportunities to see that what they do can and does matter.”

– Angela Flux, Co-chair of Governors, Yeading Junior School

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