Swavesey Village College

Headteacher:Andrew Daly

RegionEast of England

TypeSecondary Academy

Students1260 aged 11-16

Top character qualities developed

  • Service
  • Perseverance, resilience and grit
  • Tolerance and respect
  • Pride
  • Motivation, drive and ambition

Statement on Youth Social Action and Character

Every student will have participated in a volunteering experience before they leave us, and by embedding youth social action into the structure of the school we have made it part of daily life. To provide focus and recognise achievements, we use the PLEDGE model:

P – Participation 
L – Leadership
E – Environmental 
D – Diversity
G – Giving
E – Excellence
S – Service. 

Students take part in extracurricular clubs, hold leadership roles within school, help run reception and organise litter picks. At Christmas we write cards to schools in Mumbai and raise global awareness. Each house chooses a charity and raises £10,000 a year. Pupils are encouraged to give service at parish events, local care homes and open days, participate in fun runs and lead clubs for younger

We have targets for these pledges and an award ceremony at the end of each term where students receive either a bronze, silver or gold badge. They are encouraged to articulate how they got their badge as we think this is a crucial element. We are incredibly proud that 100% achieve bronze by Year 9 and 100% achieve silver by Year 11. All the staff are engaged and the pledges form part of their performance management targets. Simplicity is the key, to get students and staff on board you need a clear system that is easy to follow. So we have a database that tracks those falling behind with participation and staff members run clubs specifically for those students who need encouragement and their
confidence boosted.

Forging greater links in the community we are launching “Experience Week” to place students for a day/week in a local volunteering position. We will encourage them to maintain these placements and see the pledges as a continuous project. The NCS is a natural lead on from the pledges and 20% of our cohort take up the opportunity.

Students are genuinely proud of what they have done and visitors are impressed by the confidence and communication exhibited by our students. Social action is promoting a sense of service, leadership, pride, ambition and perseverance, and that is why we make it a crucial part of our school’s culture.” – Andrew Daly

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“Brandon inspired the whole school to raise over £5000 for MAGPAS air ambulance after they saved his life on the day of his accident. He told me it feels like he’s achieving something and helping other people.”

– Brandon’s Mum

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