Star Academy

Principal:Nicola Broomhall

RegionWest Midlands

TypePrimary Sponsored Academy

Students197 aged 3-11

Top character qualities developed

  • Tolerance and respect
  • Hope and optimism
  • Pride
  • Motivation, drive and ambition
  • Honesty, integrity and dignity

Statement on Youth Social Action and Character

As the West Midlands is an area with low social action involvement, one of our key strategies has been to get parents involved. A high proportion of our children are from traveller communities, who need supporting towards engagement with us. We work tirelessly to empower them and raise the profile of education, a positive step if their children are going to follow by example. Our local area has issues around generational unemployment, domestic violence and mental health problems so many pupils have low aspirations and a limited vision of what they can do in the world. So (amongst other things) we have launched a credit system – ‘The Bank Of Star’ – where parents earn points from their engagement with the academy that can then be redeemed against costs such as uniform and educational visits. We’ve also been using social media to promote community events such as a pensioners club. Since providing volunteer activities for primary age is proving difficult, we’ve focused on developing character traits and embedding iwill into our pastoral programmes. A learning ambassador system teaches pupils resilience, determination and teamwork. We are developing a junior leadership team to focus on learning behaviours and an enrichment programme for Friday afternoons. Careers advice sessions have also been a key factor in raising aspirations for all our pupils.

It’s clear that youth social action has a massive impact on work ethic, motivation and behaviour and we already see improvements. The culture of the school has changed and students are more engaged – children need to be able to see what the world is about to get excited and feel that they can play a role in it. The key to success is an open-minded headteacher, not being afraid to take risks and focusing on providing a holistic approach to education. In deprived areas like ours, we really need our parents involved so we are looking to develop further links with the local community fire station and local businesses. £10,000 was allotted to the creation of a community library and our students are going to help run it. A “West Midlands Primary Heads Group” is in place, with a clear action plan for the strategic development of the area. We are creating a media blog to keep up momentum and are going to harness social media to share best practice.” – Nicky Broomhall

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“I just love my academy. I feel proud that it allows me to build up to the job I want to do when I am older which is a teacher. I am determined I am going to get there!”

– Year 6 student from the traveller community

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