Northumberland Church of England Academy

Executive Director:Andrew Day

RegionNorth East

TypeAll Through Academy

Students2487 aged 3-19

Top character qualities developed

  • Empathy
  • Friendliness
  • Selflessness
  • Social justice
  • Integrity and dignity

Statement on Youth Social Action and Character

Social action has been a real catalyst for change in our community. Our Christian ethos means that helping the community, environment and being a ‘good Samaritan’ underpins our values – our young people are asked to consider how to improve the world around them and what benefit is gained from contributing.

Lessons across all levels incorporate teaching on caring for our community and all students, including the disadvantaged, are provided with the opportunity to take part in social action. Since 47% of our pupils live in poverty, this support is important. The children have fundraised in the region of £40,000 for charity with vocational courses, enterprise projects and programmes such as Meals On Wheels. The students grow vegetables and recycle as part of learning to be responsible stewards of the Earth. We run a trip to developing countries for Year 12 – a small group went recently to South Africa to help a parish refurbish their communal buildings and care for orphans with HIV/AIDs. The students raised the money themselves and upon returning wanted to continue to raise more money for the parish. The DofE award and Combined Cadets Force groups have encouraged older students to volunteer in the community, many of them continuing after gaining their awards because they see the double benefit of social action. 

Our student voice has also gone from strength to strength with young people getting involved in all aspects of the school. After the Charlie Hebdo attacks, our head boy rallied the entire secondary school to take a picture holding a pen to share on Twitter and show support for freedom of the press.

Over the past three years of pushing youth social action we’ve watched the students grow in confidence and self-worth. The community has a more positive perspective on our young people. They’ve become aware of the world around them, aspiration has rocketed and grades have really improved – many of our students now go to top UK universities. What is more, local crime levels have dropped significantly. People need to see what our students are capable of doing; it is transforming the Academy and the community.” – Andrew Day

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“Transforming a community is about changing perceptions of young people towards their community. Youth social action encourages young people to look with fresh eyes at their communities and to see ways in which they can help to make a difference.”

– Andrew Day, Headteacher

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