King’s Leadership Academy

Associate Principal:Dr. Andrew Reay

RegionNorth West

TypeSecondary Free School

Students390 aged 11-14

Top character qualities developed

  • Resilience and grit
  • Confidence
  • Tolerance and respect
  • Critical thinking
  • Motivation and ambition

Statement on Youth Social Action and Character

“Year 7 focuses on group membership, Year 8 work on personal leadership and Year 9 begin principles of action- centred leadership. Year 8’s mentor Year 7’s, tutoring sessions take place every morning and it is mainly student led. All students in Year 7 and 8 work for a first aid, life-saving, martial arts and sword fencing qualification while the School Parliament offers a range of cabinet and back-bencher positions for each year group. The house system offers leadership roles through captain, vice-captain and associate captain responsibilities; once a year each child is ‘leader’ of the school for a day and a leader of their class once per half term. Thirty students are numeracy or literacy leaders and every child does three weeks ‘duty’ per year, maintaining standards around the school. We have a vibrant Combined Cadet Force to instil a sense of service before self; DofE begins in Year 9 and is compulsory up to Silver, with strong encouragement to join Gold, the NCS or the John Muir Award in sixth form. We pay for these activities to allow students of all backgrounds to take part. In Year 7, student are set the “£10” challenge; they are given £10 and must start an enterprise to create profit that goes to a local charity. Two of our boys set up a dog walking business, created a website, distributed flyers and in three weeks made several hundreds of pounds. This is just one example of the natural leadership these children demonstrate when they are given the chance.

This kind of programme can work in any school so long as it is intentional, planned and has support from governors, the leadership team and buy-in from the students. Pupils from all backgrounds, but especially those from deprived ones, are now flourishing so youth social action is a double win: our students benefit through developments in civic character but so does our community and local environment.” – Dr. Andrew Reay

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“2015 has been my most rewarding year so far. The opportunities I have had to make a difference in people’s lives has changed me forever.”

– Rachel Addison, a Year 10 student and member of the King’s Parliament

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