Haywood Academy

Executive Headteacher:Carl Ward

RegionWest Midlands

TypeSecondary Academy

Students1101 aged 11-19

Top character qualities developed

  • Pride
  • Friendliness and forming friendships
  • Volunteering
  • Community awareness, neighbourliness and community spirit
  • Motivation, drive and ambition

Statement on Youth Social Action and Character

“We prioritise getting our young people ready for meaningful employment. We set up a steering group with six local employers and employed two careers advisors to create a work-based learning programme that develops the skills students need by the time they leave at 18. We have embedded this within the curriculum and youth social action now lies at the core of our school’s ethos and timetable. The work-based learning students in sixth form do two days a week in class and three days a week in a local business. They come out with experience but, crucially, they also get qualifications. Employers come in to deliver lessons on employability and those not on the programme have Wednesday afternoons allocated to volunteering. The earlier you start the better, so we run inset courses with the fire brigade and the police cadets and students volunteer three evenings a week. This runs as a two-year course that culminates in a BTEC qualification. We are proud that Haywood now runs the biggest post-16 volunteer programme in partnership with business than any other secondary school in the UK. 

We celebrate involvement through in-class conversations as well as assemblies and certificates. The end of each half term sees an award ceremony commending achievements through academic, vocational and work-based learning. We also hold a whole academy trust award ceremony that gives specific awards for volunteering and that we hope will inspire the younger children. 

Our profile in the local community is strong. Rather than provide in-house catering, sixth form students are encouraged to support nearby businesses, which is revitalising the local economy. We have transformed a local town hall into a work-based learning programme hub. It is very important that we recognise the power of educational facilities to transform communities and revitalise town centres; it’s easy once you get the ball rolling.” – Carl Ward

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“Good relationships between education and industry is vitally important. We are absolutely delighted to support this project.”

– Kevin Oakes, Chief Executive of Steelite International

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