Bethnal Green Academy

Principal:Mark Keary


TypeSecondary Academy

Students1021 aged 11-19

Top character qualities developed

  • Leadership
  • Service
  • Teamwork
  • Community awareness, neighbourliness and community spirit
  • Compassion

Statement on Youth Social Action and Character

All members of our school community have signed up to the #iwill campaign, we have embedded social action schemes into all departments and our students are enthusiastically encouraged to volunteer. We’ve linked with other organisations to do this – members of our student council are participating in a project with Citizens UK as we speak. It asks students to identify key areas of the local community that need improving in order to benefit the lives of others or create a more eco-friendly environment. Students have to collate evidence, hold meetings and suggest solutions to the council. The group is currently formalising letters to the council that put forward their motivational ideas for change in two chosen areas of concern: shortage of bins and neglect of a local park.

Fundraising is a key part of our social action and every December we host WinterFest – an arts festival that raises money for charity – and our students have raised over £10,000. Celebrating is important, so we hold a social action awards evening annually. During the year we invite in guest speakers from different organisations who share experiences, innovative ideas and instil critical thinking and problem-solving in our student body. What is more, everyone is encouraged to participate in whole school democracy debates. For Democracy Drop Box Day, all students must prepare, research and debate their arguments with justification & conviction. 

Social action is not just a one off event, it is embedded within Bethnal Green Academy’s culture and ethos. To make a habit of social action students must be regularly challenged to think holistically and independently, which in turn instigates leadership and empathy for others. As a school, this is about encouraging all students to participate in social action and to be aware of the values and importance of the charity, political debate or immediate cause. Students are encouraged to engage regularly with social action from within the walls of their classroom and without, developing leadership, confidence and the linguistics of persuasive language.” – Mark Keary

Find out more about what we do through our website.

“Once again, thank you so much for the incredible efforts Bethnal Green Academy has gone to in fundraising for Crisis. It’s people like you who enable us to transform the lives of homeless people.”  

– Community Director, Crisis

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